Thursday, June 11, 2009

Altared Nation

I have returned from the Freemont Fair stimulated and jazzed and pumped with new ideas. I have been traveling with my buddy Olive who inspires me toward whole new levels of  interactive explosive joyful living. I am on fire with the idea of you. All of you are walking kinetic altars. You all choose with care the items which you drape upon your body.  And  with this act you are allowing the juices of your unique spirit to seep onto the physical plane. There you are!  
I am seeing a fashion trend a foot. The act of integrating the found object into each unique outfit. Folks are running around with all kinds of things draping off their bodies! Olive and I intersected with a young charmer who is turning cowboy boots into camisoles! Yes indeed! I am inspired! I am ready to turn coffee makers into turbins and candy wrappers into thongs and television screens into waistcoats. Be prepared.  I think that change is in the air. 

I also want to tell you about the charming liquid moments which occurred. But I am feeling that I don't have time at the moment. Remind me to tell you about the guy sitting on his pick-up truck who started singing DoReMi,( yes, from the Sound of Music) with us while we were packing up the booth.  

The other thing I am inspired to do...? To actually write something in my blog. Hah! 

I must be off to work. I have much, much, much  to do for the Oregon Country Fair. If you would like to find me there I will be in booth #M68 in Chela Mela Meadow.

The rest of the year's festival schedule is at the bottom of the page.

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