Monday, September 14, 2009

On the Road

Okeydokey! I'm packing the van, getting things organized and hitting the road. For 3 weekends in a row I'll be in my booth at festivals. Here they are:
September 19,20
North Country Fair, Arcata, California: I'll be in booth #65. It is on the North end of G street, West side of the street.
September 26,27
Corvallis Fall Festival, Corvallis, Oregon:Booth #137, the street I'm closest to is NW Madison St.
October 3,4
Issaquah Salmon Days: I haven't received my load in packet for this one yet so I'll post it when I get the booth #
And remember, I will have tall silk flags on my booth. If you're hunting for me, look up. It is a great way to find the booth. You can see them from way down a long string of booths.

The fall is upon us. Time to embrace the changing seasons, the crisp clean clear air, the morning chill, the abundant harvest.
Many blessings, have a beautiful autumn.