Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey ya'll New Stuff!
I'm excited by my new ventures. I've started a line of recycled, re-incarnated, resurrected t-shirts. Hallehujah! I am cutting up older/barely used t- shirts and sewing them into fresh combinations. Add to this the fact that I over dye these weary shirts with my tried and true dyeing process and they become pretty exciting hipster born agains. So, I am welcoming any donations you may want to send my way. OR...If you are so inclined, bring  your old t-shirts to my booth and they will have a trade in value of a buck a shirt. (that's $1) With a limit of up to 15. That means you can get a new short sleeve shirt from me for half price. I'm looking for 100% cotton and in pretty good shape. It's time to reuse and reevaluate our resources and get soooo much more from our stuff. We can do it and have a great time! See ya outside in the fresh air and live music and bubbling froth of our magnificent festival/market scene.