Monday, August 3, 2009


If you haven't been there yet. You should check out Etsy. It is a massive website "venue" of handcrafted functional art. I have finally gotten on board and I'm making my t-shirts available that way. There is a red button below my profile picture which will take you to Etsy's site. When you get to the Etsy home page, put Hartware into the search bar at the top and it should whisk you to my on line shop. Yeehaw! ....Wow! I just had a hummingbird fly into the middle of my yurt (where I am writing this from) hover and fly right back out the door. Nice Grand Opening moment!!! Wheeeee!
Happy Heat Wave!

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Mike said...

Suh-weet - I kinda thought you already *were* there, but it's even better to see it live and in person. And hey - it got me to finally sign up there, so *that's* a good thing!

I hope you have great success and wonderful experiences through this very vibrant and creative community on etsy. I find most of my tech-savvy creative friends are all dabbling or reaping there.