Friday, February 10, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, Katie Johnson Has Left the Building

Oh my, after 12 years of working, sweating, dying, painting, pressing, sewing, printing, batiking, packing, laughing, crying and focusing in this space... I have moved out of my studio. This empty, industrial, back alley 700 sq. foot windowless room housed Hartware's dye and print shop since 2000. This space served me well and I witnessed many changes in the downtown blocks which surround my work shop in those years. But I'm glad to be gone. I've moved my studio back to my dwelling and into the yurt that now sits near my house. This move feels momentous and delightful and unbelievable to me. I feel a fresh breeze blowing through all of the habits and patterns and ruts that working within those walls at 711 Main St. engendered. I suppose I could sit down and calculate just exactly how many minutes and gas I will save by not driving into my studio 5 miles round trip every day. I suppose I could do that, or I could walk to the lake.....
It is time to be quiet and wait. Something new is being born. I don't know yet what it is.

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