Thursday, February 17, 2011

Altaring Consciousness

This winter I have been building altars. It began with a small altar in my studio before I went to work there. That was the result of my ruminations from my last blog post in which I embraced the union of my "work" and my "spirit". The first altars were clearly devoted to the earth element. I was and could say that I still am very interested in getting my feet on the ground. So much energy is devoted to planning and decisions and visions that I yearn to see tangible results of all that ruminating. That is what I enter the studio for and pray to birth abundance. So, the altars seeped into my art. Here is the first completed image titled "Earth".

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Dottie said...

Nice. Reading these 2 posts gets me ruminating...
Coming to be in the moment can be triggered by anything, certainly by any of the senses. The sound of a chime, or the wind, or a bird. The vision of a star, an animal, an altar, a piece of art.
I like it.