Monday, June 21, 2010

Muse Infused

Yikes! My muses are on a bender. Yup, I'm pretty convinced based upon solid information from a reliable source, that my muses are getting ripped. They have been sited in a seedy part of town at a juke joint...yes, a bar, a pub of ill repute and sho'nuff they are tying one on. I can see them in my mind's eye, pounding the bar, reeling with laughter, chortling their hearts out to the lone bartender as they regale him with the antics and hoops they are making me leap through. The reason I'm certain of their debauchery is because I am being twirled like a marionette who's strings are being jerked by drunken puppeteers.
Clarification? Last week, I was stopped in my tracks by the certain realization that I must change all of my production process and designs for the clothing by which I make my living. This was a huge, breath taking realization with no small repercussions to my schedule or life style. I'm still reeling. I canceled the Fremont Fair, which I have been a vendor at for the past 20 years. And I have been working with a furor. The Oregon Country Fair is upon me in the next few weeks. My favorite and most beloved gathering of friends and family that I attend and work at annually. So, I have decided to give a title to the body of work I am producing for the Country Fair. I deem it "Muse Infused". I am throwing myself into the fire and asking the muses for their mercy. I intend to deliver new work which is produced without care for income or practicality. I am allowing my drunken muses to have free reign. I am painting silly and sublime images and slapping them into odd corners of garments. I am making things unlike anything I've done before. Drink up muses! We only have 15 working days left! Yikes! I am off the computer now and back to work.

Find my booth at M68 in Chela Mela Meadow at the Oregon Country Fair. July 9,10,11.

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